Caterina Gervasi was born in 1980 in Florence, where she still lives. His interest in the arts, is revealed at a young age, with the creation of paintings representing surreal subjects, grew during his art studies at the School of Leon Battista Alberti, where she got excellent evaluations on artistic disciplines. Then, Caterina, attended the illustration course at the International School of Comics in Florence which will conclude with the score of 30/30. In this period she executed portraits and paintings with the subject chosen by the client;
She began his career as a decoration of ceramics, etchings , sold by an art gallery in Santo Spirito, Florence and used to decorate villas and cottages, Italian and foreign countries. In 2007 joins, such as hyper-realistic illustrator, the office of graphic arts InkLink, where she has created works for the Museum of Cortona (Diorama reconstruction of paleo-environment) and for the international publishing illustration (natural and architectural illustrations). In Inklink, also assumes the role of colorist with airbrush and brush. During this period, she is "constantly driven by
the searching" for a more intimate expression, especially through the use of acrylic paint and oil, on the basis of acrylic plaster. From the synthesis of the expressive research and from the experimentation of the technique, is generated the latest production, tied to nature. Even when her works take on a more abstract and less figurative aspect, the nature remains the predominant inspiration. Although Caterina has been devoted to illustration, for a longer time than the painting, has won painting competitions as the awards ceremony, in the eighteenth edition, for visual arts section, the "Premio Firenze"
Besides, her opera has been selected for the exhibition at "caffč storico letterario Giubbe Rosse". Many paintings have been exposed in famous locations in Florence . Recent exposition have been organized in Palazzo del Podestą of Cittą di Castello, in circolo degli artisti "Casa di Dante". Some works are on sale at "Tornasole Arte" gallery .